Persies Grave
  • Middelburg

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  • Longitude: 25.019525
  • Latitude: -31.500692
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Persies Grave

Mr. & Mrs. Joubert lived in their small house opposite Dagbreek Hostel, next to Middelburg High School.  They were already pensioners, and never had any children.

They raised a Persie-lamb as if it was their child, and the lamb was spoiled with treats just as you would spoil your own children, with sweets and raisons.  The lamb was also called "Persie".  The children staying in the hostel, made fun of Persie and his "human parents", and mentioned often that the sheep will weigh a nice weight if they take it to the abattoir.  This made the elderly Joubert couple very sad.  

After the death of his wife, and later Persie's death, mr Joubert made gravestones for both his wife and Persie.  When he died in 1969, his family buried him in the same grave as his wife, and erected a stone for him to fit his wife's.  Grave nr 463. GPS: S 31º30’02.1” E 25º01’10.4”

Information: "Middelburg Hede & Verlede" Book, by HB Coetzee

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